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ZMesh Radiant Heat

Information on ZMesh low voltage electric radiant heat systems!

ZMesh Low Voltage Electric Radiant Heat Systems are engineered to be veratile and safe, out-performing other products with unique low voltage technology.

   ZMesh Provides up to 12 watts per square foot.

   Engineered to provide safety and lasting reliability.

  Can be installed under Hardwood, Tile, Slate, Carpet or under almost any floor covering.

  ZMesh is easy to install, it can be nailed and stapeled through.

  Can be used in commercial, residential and industrial applications.

  ZMesh has an industry leading 25 year warranty!

Call US toll free at 888-239-1232 to speak with a consultant or be set up with a distributor in your area.

Full System

zmesh Floor Heat

System Layout

ZMesh floor heat adds to the comfort of your home.
Elegant Floor Coverings are the perfect way to add beauty to your new home or remodel project, However, often times wood, stone, marble, and tile appear inviting but are uncomfortably cold. ZMesh adds a luxurios and comfortable warmth to your home from the floor up.

ZMesh systems provide quiet, constant, and uniform heat under cold surfaces leaving them comfortable to the touch and adding unseen elegance to your home. ZMesh will heat the floor as well as the objects around it resulting in balanced heat through out the entire area room.

zmesh Roof Deicing
Roof Deicing in Action


Our low voltage radiant roof deicing systems are excellent for residential and commercial projects.

Roof Deicing systems are ideal for clearing snow and ice from eaves and valleys of roofs. Eliminate dangerous icicles and damaging ice dams effectively with ZMesh Roof Deicing Systems.

Heatizon's patented roof heating products install directly under your roof covering protecting your investment from leaks and ice dams without sacrificing the aesthetic beauty of your roof line. Our roof de-icing products are the only way to permanently protect your investment from winter woes.

The entire ZMesh System product line is solid state, has no moving parts to wear out, and has nothing that requires routine maintenance. ZMesh is the most durable available and is backed by an industry leading 25 year limited warranty. In addition, our automated on/off activation devices make heating your roof a "no brainer."

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